Roadtrek 190 - Series 2 - Black Hills National Forest, SD

|| Location: Black Hills National Forest || Miles Traveled - 1,416 ||
Location: Black Hills National Forest, SD
Miles Traveled - 1,416
Elevation: 7,244ft
- Went to see Mount Rushmore. Incredibly underwhelming. Skip it! Tourist-trap at its finest. We were there for 10 min. (2/10)
                  - Hiked around Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park (part of the Black Hills). Be sure to check out the hike on the back side of the lake. It traverses the rocks of a beautiful creek running down a massive canyon. Hike around sunset. (9/10)
- Got dinner at Buglin' Bull Restaurant and Sports Bar in Custer, SD. Custer itself was quite pleasant. The dinner was sub-par and overpriced. Garrett got a bowl of elk soup and a beer for $25. (6.5/10)
-Take note of the incredibly awesome Custer-themed Hollywood sign perched up on the hill above. One of the many interesting props in Custer's unique aesthetic. 
-Ranch dressing is used as a condiment on everything out west. I love it. 
- Spent the night in a rest-stop parking lot outside of Sheridan, WY.