Michael is a freelance photojournalist and the founder of Wicked Pittsburgh Art Collective - a non-profit of 45+ artists giving 20% of all art sales revenue back to charity. He currently lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

He specializes in a wide array of photo and video work, as well as written journalism,
investigative reporting, and  spot news coverage.

Michael's work has been published by: 

-The Associated Press                             -Positive Magazine                                           -Tech 2025

-The Guardian                                           -Willie Nelson's: Farm Aid '17                        -Boston University Academy
-The Huffington Post                                -Citi Bank                                                           -Passion Passport
-UberEats                                                   -The Observer Reporter                                  -Creative Boom
Pittsburgh CityPaper                              -Boston Fashion Week                                     -OHello Media
-Viewfind                                                    -Liqs Cocktail Shots                                         -Super Monkey Records
-Dig Boston .                                              -Penn Environment                                          -C41 Magazine

-Maniac Magazine                                    -Meal Pass                                                         - Accountants Club of America
 -The Massachusetts State                     
-Stencil Magazine                                            - Drone Dudes
 Department                                              -Sound of Boston                                              -Nailed Magazine

His other hobbies include skiing, skateboarding, and going to pretty much any concert he can afford.

Upcoming 2018 Travels: 
January - Thailand, Singapore
February - Cambodia, Vietnam
March - Boston, Orlando, Seattle
April - Green Mountains and
May - Los Angeles and Indianapolis

Honors and Awards:

- Adobe Spark: Top 20 Creatives to Watch in 2016
- Adobe Spark: 2016 Editors Selection: The In-Between
- One Million Photographers - Editors Choice: The In-Between
- Boston Press Photographers Association 2015 Contest - 3rd place: Portraiture, Honorable Mention:    Portraiture    

For business consultations please contact Michael at: 

Email: schwarzmk@gmail.com
Phone: (724)-833-7121
Instagram: @mikeschwarzthekid
LinkedIn: Mike Schwarz