Phnom Penh - An Accidental Exploration

Bus Ride: 8 hours || Distance: Siem Reap --> Phnom Penh - 200 miles

After getting kicked off a bus at 5:30am in Phnom Penh - I learned Vietnam doesn’t have visa on arrival the hard way. Typical entitled American moment thinking I can casually enter any country in the world - but hey, got to see a city I never planned on stopping in. -
Ended up grabbing this incredible pho from a street vendor and her kids. They were quite excited to have their photo taken - despite it being 6am. FYI - it takes 1-2 days for your Vietnam visa to process

38 Hours in Singapore

Flight time: 22 hours || Distance: New York ----> Singapore - 10,347 miles || Locations: Gardens by the Bay, The Bay of Singapore

Singapore’s 250-acre public gardens have evolved into a international spectacle since opening in 2012. Home to the infamous Super Trees - each of these 50-meter metal structures boasts over 200 species and 163,000 individual hanging plants. The 11 trees are also equipt with environmentally sustainable systems like solar cells, natural cooling conservatories, and air exhaust receptacles. Each night a massive light show is held free to the public - Singapore is on top of its game🌲