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Featured as: Adobe Spark's Editors Selection

Michael covered the refugee crisis in Greece during the height of migrant arrivals in 2016. Capturing the Moria riot fires - Michael's work was published across 32 publications internationally including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Associated Press Greece. 

After the riots, Michael moved his focus back to Athens. Here, he focused his imagery on families living in abandoned buildings, or unofficial "refugee squats". While technically illegal - the local government allowed the squats to relieve pressure on the already growing homeless refugee population. While the living conditions in these buildings bordered on inhumane - it was a luxurious alternative to the streets - or worse, a camp.

Through a series of interviews, Michael discovered that instances of violence, sexual assault, and theft were not as prevalent in the squats. When left to govern themselves, the everyday issues present in the camps seemed to dissipate.

Michael's article details the litany of issues with government-run refugee camps, and why refugee-operated housing is a viable alternative for the time being.