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Featured as: Adobe Spark's Editors Selection

Michael covered the refugee crisis in Greece during the height of migrant arrivals in 2016. Capturing the Moria riot fires - Michael's work was published across 32 publications internationally including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Associated Press Greece. 

After the riots, a media rush pushed Michael back to Athens. Here, he focused his imagery on families living in abandoned buildings, or unofficial "refugee squats". While technically illegal - he local government allowed these uninhabited buildings to fill up to relieve pressure on the already growing homeless refugee population. While the living conditions in these buildings bordered on inhumane - it was a luxurious alternative to the streets - or worse, a camp.

Michael noticed the problems of violence, sexual assault, and theft were not a problem in the squats. When left to govern themselves, the refugees seemed to get along, even in the worst of conditions (as seen in Jasmine School). 

Michael spent a few weeks embedding himself into Jasmine School squat in central Athens. Here he befriended a group of twelve 20-30 year old Syrian men living in one room, and a Syrian family of five living across the hall. 

To set his article apart from the glut of refugee coverage being produced at the time, Michael worked to present a tentative solution to the problems seen in camps like Moria. The squats (for the time being) were a perfect solution - one that was not receiving the government support it deserved. Michael's article details the problems with government-run refugee camps, and programs the everyday reader can support to help aid refugee-operated squats.