February 29, 2016 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh greet supporters as they emerge on to the stage during a rally at the Old South Meeting House in Boston, Mass. Hillary boasted several prominent endorsements including Mayor Walsh and Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey. “And it’s my honor to introduce to you the woman who is not only going to win Massachusetts tomorrow, but be the next president of the United States America,” Mayor Walsh said during his introduction. ©Mike Schwarz

March 20, 2016: The Lexington Minute Men march down West Broadway in South Boston during the 115th Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The festivities honor the day in which General Washington and his men forced the British out of Boston by fortifying Dorchester Heights with 55 canons. The troops also hollowed out old logs to look like canons, fooling the British, and ending a nearly 11-month siege on the city. The 3-mile long event is the second largest Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in the country according to Mass Live. ©Mike Schwarz

February 29, 2016 - A member of the Boston METRO SWAT team stands guard outside of U.S. Senator Sanders D-Vt. rally in Milton, Mass. on the eve of Super Tuesday. Other security measures included bomb sniffing dogs, pat-downs, and metal detectors. A line of attendees snaked through the parking lot as it took nearly four hours to get all 3330 potential voters inside the gymnasium. ©Mike Schwarz

February 21, 2016: A Lion Dance is performed in honor of the Chinese New Year outside of Five Spices House at 58 Beach St., Boston, Mass. The lions move from storefront to storefront and receive offerings in exchange for their blessing of good luck and fortune in the New Year. The offering can be seen sitting on the chair (far right) and consists of lettuce (representing prosperity), oranges (representing good luck), and a red envelope containing money. The lion eats the lettuce and oranges (blessing the storefront) before spitting them back out on the street and keeping the red envelope as a reward for the troupe. ©Mike Schwarz

Thursday, October 22, 2015 – Brighton, Mass. - Desmond Joseph, 30, of Brighton lies dead in the street as a Boston police officer searches the ground for evidence. Joseph was shot just before midnight while he was loading his three-month-old daughter’s stroller into the trunk outside 124 Telford St. His daughter remained “wailing” in the car as Joseph died from his injuries on the street witnesses said. On November 7, 2015, Boston police arrested Gammada Musa for allegedly shooting Joseph. He is facing charges of first-degree murder, and will go to trial in early December of 2015. ©Mike Schwarz 

February 8, 2016: Senator Marco Rubio, a republican candidate in the United States presidential primary, speaks out against the current president, Barack Obama, during a political rally at 505 Amherst St., in Nashua, New Hampshire. “This is a nation that is bitterly divided because we have a president that has deliberately divided us,” Rubio shouted with the American flag as a backdrop. ©Mike Schwarz

February 1, 2015: Evan Jones looks at a photo he took atop Jamaicaway Tower at 111 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain, MA. Jones, a journalism student at Boston University, has been photographing his rooftopping adventures for nearly a year. “This one really isn’t too bad, I have hit much higher downtown. Can’t beat the view here though,” Jones commented as he leaned over the edge for another photo. ©Mike Schwarz

February 29, 2016 - U.S. Senator Sanders D-Vt. speaks at a rally in Milton, Mass. on the eve of Super Tuesday. Sanders and his grassroots movement will face off with Super PAC-funded Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a battle over 11 states. “Tomorrow, in 11 states, including Massachusetts, over 800 delegates are going to be elected to the Democratic convention," said Sanders, "We anticipate winning many of them, and a majority of them right here in Massachusetts,” said Sanders.©Mike Schwarz

March 15, 2016: Jeff Otavort, a rock climbing instructor at Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center, climbs the eastern section of the 30-foot rock wall during open climb from 7-10:30pm on Tuesday evening. Jeff has been climbing for four years, and has been working as an instructor on the Boston University rock wall for three of those years. “I normally climb with “the regulars” at fitrec and also my brother and my girlfriend,” Otavort said. “I’ll climb with anyone really.”©Mike Schwarz


February 9, 2016: Fans respond as rapper and songwriter Kid Cudi begins his performance at the House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts. Cudi’s solo tour, The Especial Tour, was originally planned to kick off in December of 2015. Instead it was postponed for nearly two months. “Sorry to keep you guys waiting so long,” Cudi said raising his arms. “But hey, we still got a sold out crowd. Look at that!” ©Mike Schwar