Roadtrek 190 - Series 6 - Glacier National Park, MT

|| Location: Glacier National Park || Miles Traveled: 2,486 ||
Location: Glacier National Park, MT
Miles Traveled - 2,486
Elevation: 8,000ft
- After waking up several hours south of Glacier, we spent the morning driving through Salmon Lake State Park. Upon seeing a beautiful lakeside cabin, I decided to launch my drone for some ariels. To cut a long story short, the Mavic engine malfunctioned 60-meters above a lake. Five seconds later, my drone was at the bottom of said lake. To see photos and read more about my drones unfortunate demise, click here. 
- Grabbed lunch at the Moose River Bar And Grill in Seeley Lake, MT. Solid mom and pop spot. Would go again. (8/10) 
- After lunch, we drove the remaining hour to West Glacier and made our way toward Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass. 
- Drove the entire length of Going to the Sun Road to our hike on the other side of Logan Pass. Far and away the best driving portion of our trip. (9.5/10) 
-Hiked the Sun Point Nature Trial and saw Baring Falls + St. Mary Falls on the same hike. Best hike of the trip hands down. (9.7/10)
-Left the park from the east and settled down to camp in St. Mary. Found ourselves a beautiful fire pit and grill at Johnson's RV Park. Great facilities with wifi and laundry. Ask for Randy, he gives the best hiking/camping/directional advice of any man...ever. 
-After buying insanely over-priced groceries at the local market, (Advice: buy food before entering remote park areas) we scavenged tghe campground for firewood, and began cooking an incredible chicken breast dinner. 
-Shortly after we drank bourbon and Pabst until around 4:30am, and promptly passed out.